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Advertising on the internet is kinda hard for Cannabis companies...

If you found this website and are reading this, let me just thank you. Getting traffic to your website is never easy and as a cannabis company, it can almost be impossible.

Thanks to vague TOS (Terms of Service) that most online advertising companies use, cannabis companies can be effectively silenced just for being involved with cannabis. Ok, so I'm trying to create stoner apparel, for a subculture of people I identify with, it shouldn't be THAT hard, right?

Wrong. Reallllllly wrong. You'll eventually come to find out that the 2 biggest companies you can advertise with, Facebook & Google, are pretty difficult to get ads approved by. But why is that? It's legal in half the country, so why does our 2 big internet giants censor us? Well, it's federally illegal. That's their stance and it's not looking to change any time soon.

Example: Shortly after Canada went legal federally, Facebook allowed companies to advertise and operate without fear of deletion, a big issue for their neighbors to the south.

Ok, so is there anything we can do? Maybe. We just all have to work together. I've started a petition to Facebook to allow Cannabis companies to advertise and basically just exist on both Facebook & Instagram without fear of being deleted and in the hopes of being able to run advertisements. There's no use in complaining and not taking action, so feel free to go to - http://chng.it/kp2C4wFv.

If you have experienced a horror story trying to advertise your cannabis company on Facebook or Google, and want to share, drop us a line and we will help get your word out.

As always, thank you for reading.

Stay Happy,



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