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Part 1 - How to get a job in the #CannabisIndustry

 The Cannabis Industry of the Future

I wanted to go into detail about my experience in the #cannabis industry. I cover tips on how to get a job in a #cultivation and #production facility or if the #dispensary life is more for you, how you can do that, with insights from my own journey. Why should you listen to me? I started my #career in the cannabis industry as a #Budtender and worked my way up to #VicePresident of Ops. within 4 years and without a #college degree. If you found any of this information to be valuable to you, please like, comment what helped you and share with your friends who also want #jobs in the cannabis industry. Thank you for watching! -LJ

IGTV: Part 1 - How to get a job in the #CannabisIndustry by @Wash3d

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