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Twitch Canna-Fam | Streams to follow

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LJ, the creator of WASH3D, streams nightly @ 11pm PST. You can see his puppy Moby, and the massive Mobius [and Mothership] glass collection he's named after. Oh and some Minecraft.




JimTanna aka Tim & Janna, the masterminds behind the Secret Sesh, a licensed cannabis festival in California that has also hosted events in other states. Tune in daily to see Minecraft speed runs, Apex Legends and just general good vibes in addition to Motherships and melt shots.





TooTone aka Tone is a nightly streamer known for constant good vibes and having a lit late night crowd. You can see all the RGB and the Motherships get melty every night in HD.





SashaHippie aka Sasha the soft spoken cannabis influencer. Don't let her super chill vibes fool you, Sasha is a content queen and has been doing YouTube longer than most. Her chat is full of love and it's always a good vibe to catch her smokin.




AdamIll aka the guy saying WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT or YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Adam is known for being the hype man at festivals and hosting events around the country. He can be found either rolling or smoking a wood on stream every day and always brings the good vibes.




GasTank aka Tank is variety channel focused on spreading good vibes, cooking good meals, enjoying good laughs and educating peers on the great benefits of cannabis. On the weekends sometimes he gets a little degenerate gambling wise.



 SenorDabz is a variety streamer known for watching some awesome content and bringing the good energy. His gameplay is legendary and always entertaining. You can catch him daily usually after 10am.


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