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Washed now available at Euphoria Wellness

Las Vegas, NV - February 10, 2020 - Exclusive drop of CBD & Terpene infused soy candles now available at Euphoria Wellness in Las Vegas, NV. Not available online, but only in store, a limited amount will be available for dispensary patients.

Located on S. Jones and Robindale, just minutes from the famous Las Vegas Blvd, Euphoria Wellness is known as the original dispensary in Southern Nevada. "It's an honor to work with such a reputable company in the cannabis industry, the opportunity to be for sale in the first Southern Nevada Dispensary is such an amazing feeling", said LJ Robinson, founder of Washed Limited Co. and the co-creator of the CBD & Terpene infused soy candles, alongside Emma Pietrzak.

Home to brands like Summa Cannabis and artists like Jerome Baker Designs, Euphoria Wellness is a proven leader in education and customer service for the Las Vegas Cannabis Community. LJ added, "Our CBD & Terpene infused Soy candles are going to be a great fit next to other leading brands. The fact that we have zero additives, fillers, stabilizers, petrochemicals or just 'bad stuff' in general is a huge selling point, we also proved this by getting them independently tested by a 3rd party cannabis laboratory that specializes in Cannabinoids and Terpenes".

The limited release candles are made from GMO Free seed stock grown 100% in the USA, for both the Soy & Hemp. The Soy and Hemp are then processed in a GMP facility using state of the art equipment to produce the highest grade of both Soy Wax and CBD Isolate, giving our candles the cleanest and purest products possible. The two scents are a blend of different terpenes, to round out the cannabinoids and balance them with a natural aroma. 

 Visit their online store and see for yourself. - euphoriawellnessnv.com/