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Competing Brands

We believe that our sesh supplies are pretty dope, but we understand not everyone is going to agree with us or our style. No worries!! It's all love and we want to help point you in the right direction of some other legit cannabis clothing brands you might not have known about, ok?

Wait, ...why would we think of advertising our competitors 420 brands? Well because we are confident in who we are and what we are doing, but just because we aren't doing it, doesn't mean it isn't legit AF.

So, we compiled a list of the 13 legit Cannabis Apparel Brands we would purchase from or have purchased from in the past. We believe in supporting our #CannabisCommunity and our competitors. 


13 Cannabis Clothing Companies 

(In alphabetical order)

  1. Cannabis Life Co. - https://www.cannabislifeapparel.com/
  2. Cookies SF - https://cookiessf.com
  3. Ganja Outpost - https://www.ganjaoutpost.com/
  4. Green Arbor Clothing Co. - https://greenarborclothing.com/
  5. Humboldt Clothing Co. - https://www.humboldtclothing.com/
  6. Mister Green - https://www.green-mister.com/
  7. Natures Gift Unlocked - https://nguweedshirts.com/
  8. Revolution Trading Co. - https://revolutiontradingco.threadless.com/
  9. Seven Leaf - https://www.sevenleaf.com/
  10. Sticky Icky - https://stickyickyclothing.com/
  11. Stigma - https://shopstigma.com/
  12. Stonerdays - https://shop.stonerdays.com/
  13. The Higher Shop - https://www.thehighershop.com/


What did you think? Find anything new that you didn't know about? Let us know!